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The Lore of July

July is a month with some good weather lore.

First off July 3rd marks the beginning of the  “dog days of summer.”

The dog days of summer are the period between July 3 and August 11.

It is during this time that the sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the Dog Star.

It was once believed that due to the star’s position at this time of year that it somehow conspired with the sun to make the days hotter.

Many people also believed that the hot days of the summer caused dogs to go mad, thus the name and the lore.

Other lore days in July include…

July 15 – St Swithin Day – if on St. Swithin’s Day ye do rain, for forty days it will remain.

July 25 – Puffy white clouds on this day foretells much snow in the coming winter.

July 26 – St. Anne’s day – Rain on St. Anne’s will continue for a month and a week.

And some other timely weather lore for July…

If the sky beyond the clouds is blue,
Be glad, there is a picnic for you.

When wind comes before rain,
Soon you may make sail again.

For I fear a hurricane;
Last night the moon had a golden ring,
And tonight no moon we see.

When the moon is in the north,
The skillful fisher goes not forth;
When the wind is in the east,
‘Tis good for neither man nor beast;
When the wind is in the south,
It blows the flies in the fish’s Mouth;
But when the win is in the west,
There is it the very best.


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