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How to bless a new house

 For a number of years, I have used this simple ritual to bless a new home before or shortly after moving in. The purpose of the ritual is threefold: to clear away any unwanted or unhealthy energies or spirit entities that may be lingering in the house from previous inhabitants, to protect the space against unwanted intrusions in the future, and to create a loving, harmonious space in which to live while creating a bond with the hearth spirit(s) present.

Items needed: Candle, incense, lighter, fruit, bread, wine, white sage, chalice, wood, tinder,

Everyone who will be living in the house should participate in the ritual. It can be very nice to have friends and relatives participate too so as to add their own goodwill and energies to the working. It can become a sort of “housewarming party”.

Begin by leaving a window or door slightly ajar to facilitate exit of any unwanted energies. Prepare the fire place, making sure the flue is clean and open and wood with tinder and a lighter is ready to go. 

With everyone assembled, create sacred space by standing together in a circle and calling the quarters, or whatever your preferred method is. If you cast a circle around the participants, you should then push the boundaries of the circle out to the perimeter of the property on which the house is set, so that the entire area becomes sacred space. Another good thing to do, is to verbally include mention of the entire house and its contents. Then have the head of the household light a fire in the fire place and welcome the protection of hearth spirit(s) or domovoi to reside within and bless your home. Have those who will live there leave a personal offering to the hearth spirit(s). If you don’t have a fireplace then place a candle at the center of the house or oven and leave your offering there. 

If you are a follower of Islam, it is Sunnah to give food to people on your house-warming as well as to say Athan at four corners of the house and praise to Allah. If you are pagan or non-religious, and choose to invoke deities for this ritual, a good choice is to pair a domestic or hearth goddess (Hestia, for example), with a protective god Ganesh, etc.) or for the animistic, perhaps a Heinzelmännchen.

Now proceed around the house going from room to room, and smudging with a burning sage stick. Smudging is an age old technique used across the world by people of all nations, beliefs, and creeds. Smudging is the process of using the smoke to purify a space or individual. When doing so, give special attention to the corners, where energies tend to collect. You might also smudge the people who will be living in the house at this time. 

To learn more about sage and smudging, this website explains it well, and you can always send me a message if you have any questions, comments, or concerns:

 Now go around the house a second time, with burning incense. Frankincense promotes calm and peace. Nag Champa can be burned to sanctify or purify an area. Lotus could be a good choice because it is associated with mental clarity, increased focus, and heightened intelligence. Because of these properties Lotus is often seen as ideal for meditation. It all depends upon what you want to imbue your home with. Choose wisely. Stop at each door or window, and move the incense, saying

“No harm or uninvited presence may pass this threshold.”

I use a custom sigil symbol as a ward, but you can also use whatever best fits your path. With these gestures, you create barriers of protection at your doors and windows.  As you form the symbol say something to the effect of, 

“May warmth, peace, and enlightenment be welcome in this space.”

Some people concentrate solely on the cleansing or protective aspects of a house blessing ritual, but I think it is at least as important to create a positive intention for how the space will be used and lived in.

When this has been done, everyone can return to the wherever the ritual began, and share food and drink together. Close the circle however you usually do. A potluck meal is a lovely way to celebrate and socialize with your new household allies after the ritual is completed .

A simple house blessing ritual like this one sanctifies the transition to a new home and sets the tone for your coming life in your new place.

 Many blessings to many paths.

The Lady


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