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Mabon & The Autumn Equinox

Tis’ Mabon (May-bon) time again!

This year the Autumnal Equinox will fall on the 22nd of September.  An exciting time for those of us who follow the ebb & flow of our little galaxy. This is the time of year when the harvest is brought in, the leaves begin to turn, and what was new, ripe, and young begins to feel the waning of time and of youth. It is symbolic of the transition between the, “mother,” time & the,”crone,” time. To many pagan faiths the equinox also represents the preparation of the horned god’s death, and the phase before the most spiritually open time of the year: Samhain (Sow-en).

For Celtoi & Druids, the celebration of Alban Elfed occurs this night. says, “Alban Elfed marks the balance of day and night before the darkness overtakes the light. It is also the time of the second harvest, usually of the fruit which has stayed on the trees and plants that have ripened under the summer sun. It is this final harvest which can take the central theme of the Alban Elfed ceremony – thanking the Earth, in her full abundance as Mother and Giver, for the great harvest, as Autumn begins.”

Modern magic folk celebrate the history of their practice, culture, & the lore that is the basis of the traditional Celtic/Welsh path that so many tread.

The tale of Mabon (Modron), the Welsh God, (the “great son of the great mother”), also known as the Son of Light, the Young Son, or Divine Youth, is celebrated. The Equinox is also the birth of Mabon, from his mother Modron, the Guardian of the Outerworld, the Healer, the Protector, the Earth. Mabon was taken after he is a mere three nights old (some variations of the legend say he is taken after three years). Through the wisdom of the living animals — the Stag, Blackbird, Owl, Eagle and Salmon — Mabon is freed from his mysterious captivity. All the while Mabon had rested within his mother’s womb; a place of nurturing and challenge. With strength and lessons gained within the magickal Outerworld (Modron’s womb), Mabon is soon reborn as his mother’s Champion, the Son of Light, wielding the strength and wisdom acquired during his captivity.

The Chinese have a similar celebration, but it is centered differently than that of our European traditions, and it is called the Moon Festival:

“it is a day for family reunion. This lively festival takes place on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month every year, so its exact date by the Western calendar is different every time. Full of joy and happiness, friends and loved ones gather to celebrate a time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest of the whole year, and everyone gathers together to delight in eating moon cakes and appreciating the spectacular beauty of the full moon.”

So regardless of your beliefs…



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