Silver, Hyssop, and Meditation for Spring Changes

Today is a great day for planting and change. With the onset of Spring, and Ostara/Easter just around the bend, most people are feeling the itch of the season, in one or more of the many ways it takes hold of us. So, in the spirit of finding and making positive goals in this season of change, here’s some things that will help you out during this seasonal change:


Historically related to the Moon, feminine or yin energy, fluid motion, mystery, and purification, silver is a great color to focus on and use in your practices. In color meaning it represents, prestige, wealth, presence, and equilibrium. Try focusing on it in your prayers, meditation, rituals, or personal time when it comes to your finances. Also if you are feeling introspective, using silver, is the natural choice, as it is traditionally associated with being unbiased, wise, reflective, and representative of what is currently residing in your thought processes that you may be in denial about.


Hyssop is an incredible herb. It is found world wide, its an antiseptic, cough reliever, expectorant, and has a lovely aromatic quality. It comes in pink, blue, or most rarely white. Its drought tolerant, can grow in arid/chalky conditions, and thrives in full sun. This herb is harvested twice yearly: first at the end of Spring and again at the beginning of fall. Once dried it can be stored and used for up to 18 months. When picked fresh it is often used in cooking, as it has tannins and a lightly minty flavor. Another incredible thing about this plant is how healing it can be, since it produces high amounts of thujone and phenol, which are stimulants of the nervous system, and gastrointestinal system. The natural phenol is also what makes it an incredible herb for colds, chest congestion, headaches, and cough syrup.  However incredible this herb may be, it shouldn’t be used on children under the age of 7 or on people who have a history of seizures or epilepsy.


To meditate, whether you’re a seasoned teacher with years of settling into your, “sit bones,” or you’re now wondering to yourself what, “sit bones,” are…I believe this pattern is a great way to opening the door to falling into the deeper parts of yourself and allowing yourself to see, accept, and make positive choices for you day-to-day spring time rituals.

  • Commit yourself to doing this everyday. Meditation is found most effective when practiced as a daily habit. If you practice daily already, try and give yourself a few extra minutes to go deeper, and if you are new and doubtful that you can get motivated to practice daily, I suggest jumping right in there, but not beating yourself up if you get distracted, just refocus and get in there.
  • Make yourself quiet and comfortable to start, I prefer to find a still and solitary place outside, and I take a pillow, bottle of water, and a blanket with me. These things are great assistants and you are more likely to focus at the optimal level if you are balanced with your surroundings. You can lay down, sit down, or walk around, sol long as you can maintain your meditative goal.
  • After getting comfortable, begin to focus on your breathing. Inhaling: One, Two, Three. Exhaling: Out, Two, Three, through your nose, nice and slowly. Allow the breath to drag lightly along your sinuses. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to let go of worry, thought, prediction, anticipation, and the past. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to feel present, where you are, how you are, in this time.
  • Let a few minutes go by, allowing yourself settle into your mind, letting any thoughts that come in to your mind, fall away, melt away, or pass right on by. As you do this allow yourself to fall more deeply into your self. In this season of change, when we spring forward, and gain more light, I want you to focus on grounding yourself. Focus on your Root Chakra. Focus on a steady, pulsing deep red light. Whatever hesitations you are having, take this time to release them. Whatever anxieties you are experiencing, let them go and watch them circle around and down the stream until they disappear altogether.  Allowing this energy to circle clockwise, clearing out any negativity that may have built up there, until it is a clear and brightly glowing swirl of balanced and grounded energy. Now focus lightly on the positive aspects of the changes you wish to make in your life. If it is prosperity, Tell yourself something like, ” I will: Be frugal. Invest wisely. Use caution, Exert self control, and Find balance. Whatever this intuitive process is, make it a small mantra, and repeat it to yourself several times, over and over again. Let it sink in. Make it a personal truth. And then try to do the things you need to do.
  • To bring yourself back, repeat the breathing technique and focus on drawing away from your goal process. Wiggle your fingers, allowing sensation to come back into them. Wiggle your toes, drawing a deep breath of security and serenity, and opening your eyes, raise your arms high overhead and have a deep stretch. Then, I want you to humor me, and if you feel like smiling, just do it, and decide right there and then to act out these changes… and be at peace.

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