Opening scene for a new short story piece!


Walking down the side street, I found my eyes cast down once more, listening. They were following more closely now and in response my gloved hands clenched automatically as my mind shifted through the possibilities. If I ran they would give chase. The best option was that of patience. The hair of my neck stood on end as my heart raced at an impossible speed.

I glanced sideways, and saw a group of people laughing and pulling on scarves, tightening winter coats, and enjoying a mid-winter night of frivolity. Making the decision more quickly than a thought can be understood, I plowed into the midst of them, knocking one maid down, and a fellow onto the steps of the establishment they had just left.

It wouldn’t be long before I was blocks down the lane and the blood-filled screams would once again fill my ears.

“Oh, I am so sorry! Really. It’s all my fault. I do apologize.”

Then, locking eyes with the girl said, “I truly am sorry.” Quickly turning, I resumed my set course with new found motivation to get away as fast as possible. I could make it farther this time. One block. Come on. Maybe she will get away. Two blocks. Or perhaps her friends and lover could protect her. Three housing blocks down the road, and the night unraveled in shrill and terrifying screams released from the young woman. I knew they could be heard from every part of Edinburgh.


Light flowed through the gauzy curtains as the open window let in the sounds of morning below. Rousing myself, I gripped my chest bandages and felt fresh blood seeping through once more. It pained me to move but I had to report in. The events of last night fresh on my heart, with heaviness, I put my feet to the cold and creaky floor boards. Shuffling across the room to the wash basin I poured fresh water and looked at my bruised and disfigured face.

Its less than you deserve. Came a voice from within.



Chapter 1: The Door or the Demon’s Mouth


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