Magic in the Soul

What is the soul comprised of and where is the magic within it? We as humans, given our past zealous fanaticism to religion, our unending curiosity in the realm of science, and those of us that fall between the two, are indeed always trying to figure the damn thing out. The commonality -a desire to understand what is going on within and how it coordinates with things outside of ourselves.

Socrates postulated that man was more than flesh, but also comprised of a mind and soul, things that he believed to be observable. But Plato broke the soul down further into three more parts-

The logistikon- “The thinking part of the soul that loves the truth and seeks to learn from it.”

The  thymoeides- “The part of the soul by which we are angry or get into a temper.”   This is also known as the “high spirited” portion.

The epithymetikon- “The part of the soul by which we experience carnal erotic love, hunger, thirst, and in general the desires opposed to the logisticon.

First, let’s focus on the magical implications of the logical self (logistikon).

This is the part of us that perceives the world through our bodies sensory faculties. It absorbs knowledge of the natural world, others, and our own thought processes, and turns them into wisdom (Sophia) based upon our experiences. In our magical practices, our ability to connect to the world around us is of the upmost importance. For those of us who follow the beauty path, the ancestral path, and the twisted path,

the intake of our sensory experiences would seem to be amplified, like that of animals, Not becauae of a belief that we are more animalistic, but simply from long years of learning to listen and observe. Humanity, for the most part, seem to check their senses at the doors of their minds and experiences, leaving this incredible part of themselves to starve and weaken to the point of death. I encourage you to root into yourself through nature to find a beginning place, for, “understanding is the beginning of wisdom.”

How do we strengthen this connection?

In our practices, varied and personal as they may be, there is a rather centralized idea that encircles our instinctual need to settle ourselves in nature to some capacity. For me, as a naturalist and druid, this impulse to observe and find the truth, be it natural or scholarly, is incredibly strong. So, speaking on the fostering of this portion of the soul, for me is simple.

Be quiet. Pretend as if you have no vocal chords at all. Be in nature even if you are not yet apart of it. The way you learn the laws and rewards of the natural world are by being within it against its walls, and then slowly you will find yourself trusted by it and brought into the heart of the forest itself.

The mid-section of the soul

The thymoeides, is the seat of power. This is why it’s associated with anger and enacting our personal will upon others and the world at large. Focusing on the internal structure of your thoughts and emotions and even letting thise things go, is the key to understanding this part of your self. Meditation is the tool used to balance out this portion of the self. Through meditation we discover out inner most thoughts, desires, contol, discipline, and eventually with practice and guidance from those further down the path.

The base of the soul

In the third portion of the soul we encounter lust and desire. Where other more self controled and body discipline centric beliefs may suggest that you refrain from using this part of yourself nevertheless acknowledging it, paganism in general suggests that is it to be enjoyed, explored, and encouraged (safely & consentually) Pleasure is another path to enlightenment, to the human experience, and to honesty.  So as a lover, I must stand here and say that this portion of the soul does not have to counteract the logical self, but can indeed compliment it. Because it in fact brings balance to the perceptive, so the indulgence in the ritual of pleasure is a great magic indeed. This magic can be observed in gathering together for meals, enjoying family and fellowship of others, and anytime groups gather and we auto – sync our thoughts and opinions into a like-minded conglomerate.

The magic of the soul may be excercised but is yet unimaginable. As you discover the magic that lies within, and science exposes the makings of what it is comprised of, let all of us who practice the occultic, left handed, obscure, intuitive, and natural arcane arts be increasingly meditative and aware of its implications, its applications, and it’s intentions.


One thought on “Magic in the Soul

  1. Hi Again,
    I posted a comment on this post earlier. I hope that it was OK as I can’t see it here? Maybe it didn’t get through perhaps? I wrote quite a bit as I totally agree with what you’ve written in this blog.

    Thanks for starting to follow my blog. Ive only just finally posted my first entry after opening it ages ago. Its a long read but its a very hard and controversial topic to cover as its not only about magick but use of entheogens for spiritual use and chronic pain usage. If your interested? Please let others know as its a very important topic that after you read it? I’m sure u will understand why.

    Blessed Be,


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